Online Character Count / Letter Count

A free tool to check the string length in online, which is also called as online string length calculator/counter. Character count online is used to measure the number of characters present in given word, text, string, sentences, paragraphs. PHP/JavaScript letter count online, including/without/with spaces in unicode/ASCII/byte size counter. Count character number of occurrences in online. How to find string length online & how to count/check character online?. Online twitter character count. This is alternative of online strlen() PHP function for developers.


Examples of characters include letters, numerical digits, common punctuation marks (such as "." or "-"), and white space. The word / character limit happens in many occasions, For example

  • Facebook Status: 63,206
  • Twitter: 140
  • SMS: 160
  • LinkedIn Summary: 2000
  • Pinterest Description: 500
  • Blogspot Description: 500
  • Reddit Title: 300
  • Ebay Title: 80
  • Yelp Post: 5000
  • Title tag in HTML: only display 70 characters
  • Meta Description tag in HTML: have no limitation but only first 155 characters are displayed in Google search results.

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