Convert String / Text to Lowercase

Make a string lowercase, convert all alphabetic characters to lowercase in online for free. convert text to small alphabetic letters.

Returns $str with all alphabetic characters converted to lowercase. Note that 'alphabetic' is determined by the current locale. This means that in i.e. the default "C" locale, characters such as umlaut-A (Ä) will not be converted.

string strtolower ( string $str )


This easy-to-use Case Conversion Tool is designed to allow you to convert blocks of text into any case, which you can then export to a text file or simply copy and paste back to your own document.

So if you have typed a document and accidentally left your caps lock on – don’t panic! Or if you want to make sure that a document has all the right capitalisations, you can now convert it in seconds. Or if you are a marketer and want to capitalise the first letter of each word, then one click will do the trick!

“Lower Case” which converts all the letters into small letters like this.
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